Illawarra family home owners under pressure - if your interest rate starts with a 4% something, then OUCH, here is what you can do...

 Jenny Henderson Wed 5 December 18


The escalating cost of living combined with the hike in property prices is taking it's toll on Illawarra families as they attempt to juggle the cost of childcare, kids, mortgages, maintaining a some sense of comfortable lifestyle where coffee's and a few meals out are still enjoyed...

Overlay that with one partner often not working or working part time. Yup, as if raising kids wasn't stressful enough, many Illawarra family's are really feeling the pinch of tightening finances...

So, here is one thing that any home owning family can easily do to try and relinquish some of that mounting $$ pressure.

If your existing interest rate starts with a 4.% something (or you are looking for a new home loan) the bad news is you are pouring money down the drain - but the good news - you could save THOUSANDS!

Home loan rates are at a historical lows right now, competition is FIERCE between the banks and home loan providers and so now is the time for us as consumers to capitalise on this and check in to see how many thousands we can save a year in mortgage repayments.

For anyone with a mortgage of over $300,000 it is really really worth seeing if you can get a better deal, even taking into account exit fee's etc - the savings can be significant. 

So, you can easily pop online and get comparison rates to start with, but then navigating exit fee's, set up fee's, off-set account features in combo with interest rates, plus the horror of all those forms - is another minefield that can all too easily feel way 'too hard basket'. 

Yet re-financing home loans can be easier if you just get someone else to do it for you!!

It is something local dad of two, Dylan Beer from the Wealth Connection in Austinmer is pro at navigating. As a mortgage broker, Weath Copnnect have all all the industry insight, tools and expertise to make re-financing a breeze. They navigate the best deal for you.

In one phone call 0431 583 784, Dylan can let you know in around five minutes if it's worth you doing (he recommends only going through the process if the savings amount to several thousand)

Even better, they are offering you lovely Parents Guide community local home owners a $500 cash payment if you swap - when the financial benefits of a lower interest rate outweighs the cost and time to swap over. That $500 can be put towards any exit fee's charged by your bank - or why not just pop it towards your next holiday!? Just mention 'Parents Guide' in your call or email to Dylan...

The Wealth Connection don't charge you for their home loan or re-financing services, so Dylan and his team advocate only for you and go on a mission to ensure that if you can be saving thousands - they will make it happen.

Oh, plus they deal with all the banks and take the brunt of the hard work for you, so you can kick back, relax and enjoy summer time with the fam!

So, do it give Dylan Beer (great surname by the way) a buzz or pop through an email and let him suss out how much better off you can be! Yup we know Chrissy is around the corner but one call could mean a fab financial start for 2019 for you and the family...

Just remember to mention Parents Guide to get your $500 when the new home loan settles (thank us later!). Our thanks to Dylan and The Wealth Connection for extending this offer to our Parents Guide community by the way! 

Dylan Beer -  Finance Broker (BComm DipFin)
0431 583 784
Click for the website - The Wealth Connection




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