It's official. Having kids = skin havoc! Effective treatments for every mum skin drama - that actually work

 Dr Jemima Grant - Owner and Manager of Thrive Skin Clinic Thu 5 December 19


Christmas is fast approaching!

The team at Thrive Skin Clinic have prepared some advice for you on what treatment options and home care products you can start NOW (or give to another!) to get gorgeous glowing skin over the holiday period.

Issue: Dull Skin
Recommended Clinic Treatment: NCTF BOOST 135HA AKA our “Christmas Skin Cocktail” 

What is it?
The unique topical skin boosting treatment contains a cocktail of over 50 active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, Vitamins (A, B, C and E), minerals and amino acids to improve skin brightness, tone and hydration. This is not just a sales pitch, it is backed by numerous clinical studies, which show increases in hyaluronic acid, fibroblasts and collagen - the cells in the lower part of the skin that we lose as we age. NCTF Boost 135HA is one of the top selling Aesthetic products in Europe - it’s only new to Australia and recently TGA approved. Thrive is one of the first clinics to stock it and its just hit our treatment rooms, waiting to boost your skin!

Number of treatments required:
Most trials show it is being used every 2-4 weeks for 3-5 sessions. The treatment involves a clinical peel, infusion via medical micro-needling and finishes with an HA mask. There is definitely time to have 1-2 treatments before Christmas/New Years. 

Issue: Breakouts/Congestion
Recommended Clinic Treatment: Hydrafacial: 

What is it?
A Hydrafacial treatment will immediately address congestion and breakouts. In a single treatment session, we can exfoliate, extract impurities (the best bit) using Vortex vacuum technology (think, a vacuum cleaner for the skin!) and then infuse antioxidants back in to finish off the treatment. This treatment is only $185 per session, results are instant with NO downtime. 

Number of treatments required:
You could squeeze in 2 treatments between now and Christmas time to get your skin glowing. We all do it monthly.

Recommended Home Care Products:

-AHA/BHA serum (use SynergiePractitioner Range ExfolX: This is a chemical exfoliant that will help to knock out breakouts. You can also be a bit sneaky and leave it on a bit longer, like a home peel once a week. GREAT for the holidays - ask us about how to do this please before you do it.

-Vitamin A (Retinol) try Synergie Practitioner Range A+: This night time serum regulates oil production, promotes new collagen, reduced pigment and clears the skin. This product is one of the best Vitamin A serums on the market as it is a doctor only range and formulated to reduced irritation and redness. Skin will look smoother, wrinkles will not be as noticeable and oil production will regulate.

Issue: Wrinkles
Recommended Clinic Treatment:

a) Anti-wrinkle Injections:  

What is it?
Antiwrinkle injections are used to improve the appearance of wrinkles. Common treatment areas include around the eyes, the forehead and the frown.

Number of treatments required:
A single treatment session lasts up to 3-4 months. We would recommend booking in now for anti-wrinkle injections for best results at Christmas time! Results start in 2-5 days and are a maximum at 2 weeks.

b) Tixel

What is it?
An in clinic, doctor only heat treatment that works similar to laser, but with different technology. It is safer than lasers, with less down time. Tixel can do done all over the face and body, and will leave the skin fresher after 2 weeks, with reduction collagen induction (less fine lines and wrinkles) seen from 6 weeks. It is a game changer for those fine crinkles on the lower and upper eyelids, to firm fine crepey skin of the neck and décolletage.

Recommended Home Care Products:

-Zinc Oxide Moisturiser (Synergie’s UberZinc): 80-90% of skin wrinkles and pigmentation are from environmental exposure, mostly UVA and UVB light. If you care about your skin and reducing skin cancer, investing in a good quality sun cream, and applying it daily, is your number one priority. Uberzinc is our best selling product for a reason - it works, it smells and feels gorgeous and it is suitable for most sensitive and reactive skin types. Pop in for a sample if you’re keen.

-Anti-aging Moisturiser (we love Synergie Reclaim) : A good quality anti-aging moisturiser at night will hydrate the skin giving it a more youthful appearance. If you are really dry, then try Synergie's Hydrolock . And don’t forget a weekly intense overnight treatment with Masquerase, a gorgeous product (our clinic directors favourite that contains peptides to heal skin and get it glowing).

Issue: Pigmentation
Recommended Clinic Treatment: Cosmelan:  

What is it?
Cosmelan® works by decreasing the production of melanin from the pigment producing cells of our skin. It is a 2 step program involving an in clinic peel followed by 4 months of home care to breakdown both hormonal pigmentation (Melasma) or environmental pigmentation. Thrive Skin Clinic is the only clinic in the Illawarra offering this amazing treatment. It’s intense, and should only be done by a medical clinic - but the results are phenomenal. (I mean it - check out the 'before and afters' on our social media) The beauty of Cosmelan® is it can be done on ANY skin type (Caucasian, Asian, Mediterranean and even very dark skin), at ANY time of the year and IT WORKS. 


Number of treatments required:
Only one treatment is required, however allow a week of down time after the procedure so we suggest booking in now, or over the holidays, to get results from this amazing treatment

Recommended Home Care Products: Vitamin C (try SupremaC+) in the morning under sun cream. This is a powerful antioxidant, years in the making. It will help to reduce hyperpigmentation and prevent it from occurring.

Tyrosinase Inhibitor (Synergie Vanish, or see Dr Grant for her patented medical grade cream). If you have pigmentation, then a Tyroniase Inhibitor is your key to reducing pigment and preventing it from recurring. Please pop in and discuss it with us, as pigmentation is really complex and often needs a medical solution. Please don’t use any heat based or laser treatments on your skin.

The skin is not a one size fits all situation. We pride ourselves on our client consultation, and only offering evidenced based interventions that are clinically proven and medical grade. If you are unsure of what your skin needs to look and feel its best, book an appointment with one of our clinicians. We have a team of doctors, registered nurses and skin therapists who are experienced and passionate about all things skin.

Look out for our upcoming 12 Days of Christmas Specials on our social media pages for some good seasonal deals We will be open most days over the Christmas Holiday period, with an online booking system and late night/Saturday appointments available so you don’t miss out! We also make bespoke skin gift boxes and offer gift vouchers in store and online (yes you can email it to someone on the spot, great for a last minute gift).

Merry Christmas to all Parents Guide Illawarra readers! From Dr Jemima Grant and the Team at Thrive Skin Clinic.

Thrive Skin Clinic is a collective of women with a combined 70 years’ expertise across the fields of medicine, nursing and beauty therapy. Dr Jemima Grant is a specialist GP with over 15 years’ experience in medicine. Jemima received the national medal for her Fellowship GP exams and is a lifelong learner. She is currently completing post-graduate studies in Women’s Health and Aesthetic Medicine, is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine. The Women’s Health Service at Thrive is the realisation of her dream to devote her professional life to the wellbeing of women, and to work in a beautiful environment with a team she loves. CLICK HERE to read more about Thrive Skin Clinic.

To make an appointment or to get in touch with Thrive Skin Clinic regarding any questions you have about this article, you can reach their wonderful team on 0404 123 781. 




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