MAGICAL DANCE! Wollongong local inspiring hundreds of our Illawarra kids!

 Jenny Henderson Sat 12 January 19


Imagine this...…. a local dance teacher with 2 bachelors degrees in Psychology (Hons) and second in Education (Primary) , with an absolute love for dance and a dream for every child to experience the uncomplicated joy and benefits that dancing brings....

Welcome to Miss Zoe from Miss Zoe's Award Winning School of Dance, with Dance Studio's in Wollongong, Kiama (and now opening in Coledale!).

Here at Parents Guide Illawarra, we love being able to talk to local business owners and to understand how they help our children shine. We found out pretty quickly what is underpinning the success of Miss Zoe's growing brand and why she was awarded the 'Most Outstanding Dance School 2018' and also nominated for Business Person of the Year...

Inherent in everything Miss Zoe does, is to create both a safe environment and inclusive and supportive community where everyone is welcome. Miss Zoe and her fellow Dance Teachers make it their mission to connect with each individual child (or adult!) in their dance classes. Each student can shine in their own way and they celebrate those special moments of kids doing things to the best of their unique ability.

Miss Zoe sees first hand how society creates expectation and judgement and creates the 'need to conform' for our kids. She sees how many of her students initially walk in with low confidence levels and are fearful to give dance a try in case they get it wrong or 'look silly'.

Yet, magic happens for our kids in an environment that is welcoming, judgement free and accepting

Miss Zoe's Dance Studio's are a place where body image, competitiveness and comparison are left outside and everyone can embrace an unselfconscious joy in dancing...

Here at Parents Guide Illawarra, we reckon that is pretty magical achievement!

And this is also why Miss Zoe is about to open her third Illawarra Dance School! Click here for all the Coledale Studio details :)

Miss Zoe's School of Dance attracts a real diversity of Illawarra locals, from toddlers, to pre-schoolers, primary schoolers, to teens and to adults who perceive they 'can't dance', and EVERYONE is WELCOME! Miss Zoe has children in her classes with Cerebral Palsy and neurological conditions like Autism and they, like everyone else, work to the best of their ability in a place and space that offers them a sense of joy and belonging. 

As Miss Zoe says, "learning to dance is like a puzzle for our brain and body, the physical and mental benefits from us 'solving the puzzle' goes way beyond just fitness but helps many student battling cognitive issues too".

Miss Zoe is relaxed about uniforms (you are just as welcome to wear them as you are to freestyle in your own clothes) but she is a stickler for age appropriate dance moves / costumes and is adamant about protecting the innocence of our children for as long as possible. 

In world full of competing demands and pressures to be and look a certain way, we love how Miss Zoe is all about instilling a sense of confidence and enthusiasm via a joyous appreciation of dance - for all ages!

If you or your child are keen to find out more about the diversity of classes on offer (from ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, boys only hip hop, tumbling acrobatics, technique and fitness classes, adult open classes) then click below the closest Miss Zoe Dance School to you:

- Miss Zoe's School of Dance in Wollongong

- Miss Zoe's School of Dance in Kiama

- Miss Zoe's School of Dance in Coledale

With our genuine thanks to Miss Zoe for all she does in our community and for sponsoring this article in Parents Guide!

You can contact Zoe via phone on 0407 921 054 or email 


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