Choosing the right newborn photographer - some lovely advice!

 Rebecca Jones - Guest Author Thu 10 May 18


Hi there expectant Mums & Dad’s of The Illawarra

Are you preparing to welcome a beautiful little bundle into your family? Perhaps your first newborn baby or even your third, if you are considering having some stunning professional newborn photographs taken of your baby and your family, then this article is a must read for you.

What are the most important factors to consider?

If you have just had your baby or are currently pregnant, you might be interested in booking a professional Illawarra Newborn Photographer to capture stunning portraits of your precious newborn baby and your family.

With many talented photographers in the Wollongong, Illawarra, Sutherland Shire and South Coast regions, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect photographer amongst the sea of ‘professional’ newborn photographers.

Your baby is only this little once and you can’t get that time back so it is a decision you will want to seriously consider. I believe the most important things to consider when selecting your newborn photographer are Style and Experience. 


The two main 'styles' of newborn photography are posed and lifestyle.

 - Do you love colour and props or do you prefer a more simple, natural and organic style of photography?

 - Do you want posed images of your newborn baby, relaxed lifestyle images or a mix of both?

 - When you look through a photographers gallery, do you feel drawn to their portraits?

 - Do you feel a connection to and love the style of images the photographer is producing?

Imagine portraits like those in the photographers gallery hanging on the walls of your home.


Does the photographer specialise in Newborn Photography and do they photograph newborn babies regularly? This will give you an indication that they have greater knowledge and experience in handling your precious newborn baby. While all newborn photographers have to start somewhere, it is worth considering whether you are comfortable handing your baby over to an amateur photographer.

 - Is the photographer an actual business - registered and insured?

 - What training do they have?

 - Do they have a current First Aid Certificate?

 - Have they been vaccinated against whooping cough?

 - What courses and workshops have they attended that specialise in photographing newborn babies?

 - What safe practises do they utilise?What poses will they use, are the props safe?

 - If you would like posed images such as the 'froggy' pose - baby's has chin on hands, this is a composite of two different images that are joined together in photoshop - a baby can NOT hold it's on head in it's hands.

 - Is it a hobby or a part time or full time job?  

Ask as many questions as you like, you are talking about YOUR baby!


  - Would you feel comfortable with the photographer handling your baby?

 - Will they be easy to get along with? If you are unsure, give them a call and have a chat!

 - Do they come recommended? Check out their ‘About Me’ page.

 - Do they have real testimonials?

 - Will your session be relaxed with plenty of time for feeding & settling or will you be rushed through to make way for the next client

 - Think about what physical items you would like to take away from your Wollongong Newborn Photography experience?

 - Do you want large prints for your wall? A beautifully crafted album?

 - Will the photographer provide archival quality products with accurate print colour? Will the products be guaranteed?


 - Are the images of professional quality?

 - Is their style consistent?

 - Are the images in focus and lit correctly, over edited, under edited?

- Does their gallery have a diverse range of images showing different faces or are you seeing the same baby and family?


Some life milestones are worth investing in. While price will be a big consideration in your overall decision, as you can see from above, it should not be your only or final consideration when choosing your Wollongong newborn photographer.

How much you are prepared to spend on your photographs will depend on how much you value photography as a medium for your memories.

I have photographed clients on beach front mansions to clients in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment, both spending exactly the same amount on their portrait collections. Consider how much money you have spent on that designer pram, cot and how easy it is to indulge in gorgeous designer baby clothes or those little converse shoes that will be worn a handful of times.

 - How long will these items last?

 - Have you ever spent time looking through photographs of your grandparents when they were young?

 - Your baby's newborn photographs will also be passed down to the next generations. Your baby's photographs will hang on your walls for the rest of your lives and will outlast every one of those items. 

You can expect to invest anywhere from $500 - $3,000 for quality artwork and different photographers package their experience and products differently.

So make sure you spend time looking around at the different options taking all the above into consideration and choose the one who is right for you and for the right reasons.

Do you still have questions? Please get in touch! Feel free to call or SMS 0408 654 283, email BUMPTOBOUNCE@OUTLOOK.COM or use the Contact Us page on my website and I would be more than happy to send you more information. Love from Bec x

About the Author
Rebecca Jones of Bump to Bounce Photography is one of Wollongong's leading professional baby photographers. She owns a boutique photography company based in Figtree, Wollongong that specialises in maternity, newborn, baby, young families and childcare portraiture. She is highly experienced in her field and services The Illawarra, Sutherland Shire, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands areas.

You can find out more at the Bump to Bounce Photography website

Bump to Bounce Photography - Specialising in Little People and their Families

This article was shared with permission by Bump to Bounce and in partnership with Parents Guide Illawarra :)




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