'Exceeding' Quality Early Education and Care Centre Opening in North Wollongong in Jan 2020! You'll want to know about this one...

 Jenny Henderson Thu 14 November 19


Great news from Parents Guide Illawarra...

There is a new Kids' Uni long day care centre in Town! Parents of Illawarra pre-schoolers will be celebrating this gorgeous, unique centre with ample outside green spaces, veggie gardens, spacious inside areas for diverse activities and a beautiful team of experienced educators. 

Welcome to Kids Uni - Innovation Campus Early Education and Care Centre opening in January 2020!

Enrolments are open now - click here to get on the list, or call (02) 4221 8035 now! 


Keep reading to discover more about this North Wollongong based early education and care centre for 3-6 year olds across the Illawarra. It is being opened to meet the needs of our community and the demand for long day care childhood services. 

Firstly, The Director of Kids' Uni - Innovation Campus Early Education and Care Centre (as parents, we know how vital a role this is in how each centre is run), is Nicole Bray. 

Nicole has been with Kids' Uni for many years, and is a highly qualified, university trained educator who brings a focus around relationships with children, believing that secure relationships allow children to thrive and assist to deliver the best outcomes for each individual child. Nicole is dedicated to ensuring herself and her team form strong partnerships with children and families.  

Kids' Uni is committed to developing each educator to their fullest potential and Nicole is an advocate of this, continually looking for the best ways to further her own professional learning and development to be at the forefront of current best practice and philosophy. 


What parents and kids will love about this new early education and long day care service opening in Wollongong!

 - All four Kids' Uni centres are rated as 'Exceeding' the National Quality Standards (the national average for achieving Exceeding rating is 31%. Source: Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority).

- Increased investment in staffing levels so the centre often has above the required level of staffing ratios.

- A dedicated staff member focused on educational programs and implementing these in the centre.

- A Transition to School Program that focuses on what inspires an enjoyment for life long learning in children (curiosity, empathy and resilience) as well as partnering with local schools and preparing an 'Transition to School Statement' for each child which focuses on their unique abilities and where they may need support in school. Kids' Uni provide information evenings so each attending family (and child!) can feel confident and prepared for what is the biggest transition in their life to date - moving into big school!

- Skilled and passionate educators who embed numeracy and literacy learning opportunities into every program every day, in an engaging and fun based way (again, our children learn best whilst playing).

 - Kids' Uni tap into local expertise to support education, research and inclusive practices and to embed the best programs and latest evidence based techniques that allows each child in their care to thrive. They work in collaboration and in partnership with local psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists to support children with additional needs. They also work with the Early Start Discovery Space (which means they can get specific support and evidence based up-to-date advice on teaching strategies and educational programs).

- Kids Uni have a commitment to Reconciliation and are working towards a Reconciliation Action Plan with children and families that acknowledges our local Aboriginal heritage and culture.

- There are additional programs embedded in the daily experiences for children at Kids' Uni including a recent fundamental movement skills program designed to stimulate children's gross and fine motor skills.

-The physical space of the centre reflects the philosophy too, with the generous green outdoor spaces (yes REAL GRASS for kids to scamper and play on!), a veggie patch and many diverse age-appropriate activities and learning zones inside too.

In summary, everything invested into Kids' Uni Innovation Campus Early Education and Care Centre, including in the team of educators themselves, is about enabling the unique and individual needs of each child to be met - and this is really worth celebrating!

As the centre is close to central Wollongong and open from 8am-6pm Monday - Friday, it is anticipated that children Illawarra wide will be enrolled for the opening in January 2020.

To contact the enrolments team, ask questions and enrol your child please contact the Kids' Uni Head Office on (02) 4221 8035. 

Congrats to the Kids' Uni / UOW Pulse team on all of your centres gaining an Exceeding Quality Rating, and thank you for sponsoring this article, so more Illawarra parents can discover and consider your centre :) 


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