Got the right doctor for you and your baby? What to expect from your 6 week check and your doctor when you become a parent!

 Jenny Henderson Wed 6 March 19


If your experience is anything likes ours here at Parents Guide Illawarra, us parents spend a good chunk of 'quality time' at the doctors!

Finding the right doctor that you feel comfortable with, is of course, a very personal decision. However we grilled the docs and team at Woonona Medical Practice in the Northern Illawarra to get a good understanding of what to expect at key appointments such as the six week baby / mum health check and other vital aspects of doctor care. 


What to expect at your critical 6 week check - for mum and baby:
At Woonona Medical Practice, the 6 week check-up for mothers and babies allows doctors to conduct a comprehensive, holistic review of both mother and child. The review is thorough, so you need to book a 15 minute (standard) appointment for mum and a (double) 30 minute appointment for baby with doctor and nurse (consult fees apply). 

The doctors observe baby’s anatomy from head to toe, to make sure your baby is developing as they should be.

6 week immunisations are also given with assistance by the team of practice nurses (all registered nurses) so the process is streamlined, efficient and helps minimise any discomfort for the baby.

As parents, you can expect to be asked about:

+ Feeding and nappies (wet, bowel movements)

+ Awake/sleep cycles

+ Development (is your baby developing to key milestones)

+ During mum's appointment which is included, a full postnatal check is conducted. During this visit, a post-natal assessment for mother is conducted, including a physical examination, breast feeding/feeding review and a cervical screening test (if due).  

The doctor discusses pelvic floor exercises, screening for post-natal depression and discusses community support like mothers groups. The isolation and stresses of parenthood is very well understood at Woonona Medical Practice. You can expect compassion as well as the practical and medical support including relevant and useful written information/resources/leaflets. Referrals are made to relevant specialists and/or allied health if necessary.

Families have the opportunity to ask the doctor questions in a safe, confidential setting. However small or large the question may be!

At Woonona Medical Practice, the doctors work alongside a midwife who specialises as a lactation consultant. Louise David works from the Woonona Medical practice by appointment.  

At the practice, they operate a 'Sick Kids Clinic' which means you are guaranteed to get in to see a doctor any day your child is sick. This continuity of care is a really helpful component for parents to look for. 

And more good news - in order to accommodate the demand for people to be able to access quality medical care, Woonona Medical Practice have taken onboard feedback from patients and the community, and now have more appointments free to fit you in! So it is always definitely worth making a call to Woonona Medical Practice if you are needing a same day appointment. 

Of course they also prioritise getting you in to see your chosen doctor also. But how do you choose the right doctor!? All of the doctors at Woonona Medical Practice see mothers and babies, as some of our doctors hold extra qualifications in paediatrics (a Diploma in Child Health). So it is good to ask if a doctor has any extra qualifications or specific interest in paediatrics.

Another good question to ask is how all the doctors and nurses remain up to date with the latest recommendations on immunisations (as they do at Woonona Medical Practice) and if they provide evidence based advice on vaccines both on the National Immunisation Schedule and vaccines available on the private market (like Bexsero for Meningococcal B protection, for example).   

Finally, you can absolutely expect to be welcomed as a new patient or family! Woonona Medical Practice welcomes existing and new patients from all backgrounds, cultures, genders and sexualities (they are LGBTQIA-inclusive) and they provide individualised, non-discriminatory care to all of our patients with diverse health care needs.      

At Parents Guide Illawarra, we hope sharing this info is helpful for parents! We thank Woonona Medical Practice for answering our many questions and also for sponsoring this article.

To get in touch with the friendly team at Woonona Medical Practice, visit their website here, or call (02) 4283 3433 :)

Click here to see their doctors and find out more about the broad array of programs offered at Woonona Medical Practice.

Allied health services available at the practice now include: Dietitian, Psychologists, Audiology, General Surgery, Tongue and Lip Tie Procedure,Home Medication Reviews, Urology, Podiatry, Endocrinology and brilliant news for new parents - Lactation Consultants!    


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