If your health goals taken an unscheduled mini-vacay lately. It's OK! Read this..

 Cindy Urquhart - Guest Author on all things 'mum and fitness' Wed 17 January 18


Well, I blame summer. Oooooh yes, summer - you seductive, balmy wonder of nature you; taunting us relentlessly with your warmth; caressing our backs with rays of golden light; smiling down on us whilst slowly baking our salty skin as we lay about on the sand, by the pool, on the grass, in a hammock – anywhere outdoors.

We celebrate you in all your blazing glory. And summer…we also owe you an apology. We unfairly blame you for every little self-indulgent activity we may (or may not) have partaken in over the celebratory period thus far.

Our tendencies to over-indulge are really not our fault. Aaahhh, the injustice of it all. It all typically starts with school break-up.

“Hey mums, we no longer have to slap together ham sandwiches and cut up carrot sticks every morning for our kids’ lunchboxes, let’s go out for dinner and celebrate.”

Note: You always have that one friend who will eventually convert the dinner table into a dancefloor (feel free to tag them!)

Let’s also not down-play the fact that so many of us are on annual leave.

“Hey there, who is free through the week for a splash and maybe a couple of innocent Coronas by my pool? BYO limes, noon kick-off, because we can.”

And then, there’s the random SOS message from a local friend.

“Are you free tomorrow? I’m going nuts with Harry and Meg. Let’s try and book all the kids in that gymnastics workshop so we can head into Wollongong for a long, lazy, outdoor lunch somewhere. We’ll ‘Uber’ it so we can drink endless glasses of cheap champagne together.”

Then, of course, there are the obligatory Christmas functions. We go shopping (any excuse will do) and purchase a shiny new frock to match our shiny new lipstick (or matte if preferred). We might splurge on a spray tan, and then hit the town with our loved ones.

Throughout the night, we proceed to scoff down the hors d'oeuvres, laugh heartily, and lose count on how many beverages we’ve consumed. When we finally arrive home with bleeding feet, we fall into bed with our phones, checking ‘Fakebook’ for all the amazing selfies we’d been tagged in throughout the course of the night.

So then, just when we think we are completely done – Christmas Day arrives, the ‘holy grail’ of all binge-fests. I mean, who can resist Aunty Edna’s ‘retro’ potato salad with all of that fat-loaded mayonnaise? At this point, you’re riding the celebratory wave as hard as you can. I mean, it’s summer. We wear bling thongs and colourful kaftans. We have perfectly- polished finger nails and hot-pink toes. Life is great, even with the kids hanging off us each day.

So, just when we are ready to attempt to get back on track with some revised health resolutions, we realise there are even MORE reasons to cut loose: camping trips, New Year’s Eve, more getaways, more social gatherings – because it’s summer. I mean, how is that our fault? We didn’t ask for one of the hottest summers on record now, did we!? 

Alas, I’m finally ready to stop the blame game. I’m recharging, resetting and re-evaluating my goals for 2018. My goals are realistic because I know ‘life’ gets in the way... and I happen to love ‘life’.

Regular movement, clean eating on week-days, and time out for myself occasionally is part of my plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to be consistent and long term. Rest assured, I’ll still be having fun! It’s a new hour, it’s a new day, it’s a new year…and that’s exciting. Who’s with us? Who’s ready to transform their life? 

Love Cindy and the EnVie team x

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