Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth Classes - Hypno what?

 Trish Delaney-Brown Wed 5 October 16


When most people think of hypnosis they see a man on stage swinging a watch and making an audience member cluck like a chicken.  What possible purpose could this serve in childbirth? 

According to Trish Delaney-Brown (singer/songwriter, mother of two and Hypnobirthing Australia Certified Practitioner), everything, and nothing!  

“Stage hypnosis is entertainment, pure and simple, and that’s not what we are dealing with in Hypnobirthing!   In reality, self- hypnosis is a state in which we find ourselves frequently.  The classic driving on auto pilot and finding yourself at your destination with no real memory of getting there; the state that we move through on our way to and from sleep; becoming totally engrossed in a good book; the calm yet hyper aware state in meditation are all examples of hypnosis.  In the Hypnobirthing Australia course, you learn techniques to get yourself into that state quickly and at will to bring about a deep sense of relaxation and calm.  In this state you are able to release fears, and to allow your bodies powerful endorphins to flow, helping the body to work easily throughout the natural processes of birth, with the Mum feeling confident and connected."

The hypnosis portion of the Hypnobirthing Australia Program is significant, but the course is comprehensive covering everything from the natural process of birth, relaxation and breathing techniques through to hospital systems and birth preferences.  It is also not a ‘natural birth at all costs’ philosophy.  The tools learned in the course prepare mothers for a positive birth and to confidently deal with any special circumstances should they arise. 

“There seems to be a lot of fear among mother’s to be in Australia, and many of those fears are unfounded.  Through providing women with knowledge, practical tools, the right support and a positive mindset built through education and self-hypnosis, the birth experience can be turned from one of fear, tension and pain to one of joy and empowerment."

And it’s not just the many women who have benefitted from the program saying so.   This viewpoint is supported by a growing body of evidence around the better outcomes for Mums and bubs who take part in independent, evidence based childbirth education. 

“The tide is turning.”says Trish.  “Australian women are beginning to ask more questions and reclaim their right to own their body and birth.  Women deserve the best possible opportunity for their birth to be a positive, joyful, transformative and empowering experience.  The Hypnobirthing Australia course provides that opportunity”. 

And all without a swinging watch or chicken cluck in sight.   


Trish Delaney-Brown
E: info@tdbhypnobirth.com.au
M: 0412 009 288 
W: www.tdbhypnobirth.com.au  


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