Mums on the move, why you can feel GREAT about any exercise (sod what the scales say!)

 Cindy Urquhart - Guest Author - EnVie Fitness Woonona. Wed 7 June 17


The Magic of Movement off the Scales...

Mums - feel great about the exercise you achieve!

Weighing ourselves regularly has long been a primary method for evaluating the success of our health and fitness journeys. Those scales can become our instantaneous bestie, or our dreaded enemy, depending on the outcome when we tentatively take off our shoes and step on those bad-boy scales. Let’s not forget those desperate times we resist the urge to strip off all our clothes and jewellery, and induce ‘number 2s’, just to be a gram lighter when we jump on. (Guilty as charged your honour). ☺ Of course, there is some value in weighing ourselves. It can help keep us in check and serve as a measurable goal. We know that too much body fat can lead to major health issues.

BUT….here’s the kicker: how much we weigh does NOT give us the whole story regarding the positive outcomes we gain from our fitness journey. How much we weigh is just one goal, it’s just one reading. So let’s think about the umpteen other health and lifestyle gains regular exercise will do for you. Please allow me to list just a few:

• Mental health benefits.

Feeling low? Suffer from depression or anxiety? Exercises releases feel-good chemicals similar to the effects of morphine that leave you on a high for the rest of the day! (And then there’s coffee with the girls in our active wear ☺.)

• Lean muscle gains.

It’s true – if we don’t use it, we lose it. Ageing doesn’t have to be all about injuries, weaknesses, walking sticks and barely being able to lift your butt off the couch! Heighten your chances of ageing like a warrior woman, and get your metabolism firing with regular strength work-outs.

• Mobility and flexibility.

Both mobility and flexibility affect our joint health in everyday life. I’m not talking about the inability to perform the splits as your latest party trick when you’re out with the girls after a bottle of champagne. I’m talking about being basically functional: running around with the kids, bending down, standing up, twerking on the dance floor, or maybe just being able to touch your toes!

• Live longer

Unless somebody can prove to me that reincarnation is part of our destiny, I’m going with making the most of this one I’m in right now. You know, just in case this life is no dress rehearsal! Did you know that cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills one Australian every 12 minutes? Doesn’t that fact just blow your mind? (CVD refers to all diseases and conditions involving the heart and blood vessels.) Regular exercise decreases your chances of these conditions including strokes, diabetes and arthritis.

• Re-ignite your sex life.

Regular exercise can increase our stamina and improve our self-esteem – so hello inner-sex goddess! Look, I get it. In between quickly slapping on some face-goo and heading to the office; or perhaps working from home as a domestic goddess in your active wear; or throwing the kids into the car and hanging out at the park whilst secretly wiping the vomit stain off your shirt; THEN throwing some healthy, low-fat meal together utilising all the 5 food groups; THEN stealing Instagram time when nobody’s looking; THEN putting the kids to bed (see you in three hours kids), we just might, every now and then, want to re-activate our inner-sex goddess. Isn’t it handy to know that exercise increases those odds? ☺

So, please ladies, don’t let how much you weigh, weigh you down! There’s so much more magic to be celebrated in one’s story! Fit regular exercise into your life and it might just save it. OR, at the very least, enable you to twerk like a boss-lady on the dance floor at the next party!

Cheers to all the warrior mums out there giving it their best.

Love from Cindy and the Envie Fitness Team.

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With our thanks to Envie (now Soul Fit!) for working in partnership with Parents Guide and sponsoring this article!


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