Planning Your Baby's Naming Day Ceremony or Christening - all you need to consider!

 City Beach, Wollongong Wed 23 January 19


Well, congratulations! Your beautiful bundle is here and it's time to celebrate their life in a way that is truly meaningful to you and your loved ones...

At Parents Guide, we like to grill the experts and share the knowledge and wisdom, so we interviewed the experienced function planners at Wollongong's premier events venue, City Beach. They have worked with many clients to host beautiful Weddings, Naming Day Ceremonies and Christenings or Baptisms.

Here are their top tips when it comes to planning your baby's Naming Day Ceremony or Christening, so you get a truly fitting occasion you will treasure forever:

1. Who is coming, how many people do you need to consider?

Naming Day Ceremonies or Christenings are all about bringing together the special people in your child's life, who will help protect, nurture, guide and love your child. The saying that 'it takes a village to raise a child' is so true! Consider who those special people are and start your invite list with them at the top, go wider from there until you reach the capacity of attendees you feel comfortable with - and what the budget allows for!

2. If it's a Naming Ceremony, ask yourself if you want a formal Celebrant to help guide the ceremony, or whether that is a role you or your partner would enjoy, or nominate a close family member, or loved one to play that role - just consider that it requires you to write the script yourselves.

3.  Do you want a Ceremony theme? 

Is there something that is meaningful for your child or your family? For example what is the meaning of your child's name? Older children will love their favourite themes being tied into the celebration, whether it be fairies, trains etc... Or, you can just use a consistent splash of colour to tie the event together.

4. Plan to capture the memories forever

Nominate a friend to video the guests expressing their love and well wishes for the child (tip - get them to introduce themselves and their relationship to your child - for when your child watches this 18 years later!).

You can also create a time capsule with the newspaper(s) from the day of birth and what has happened that year, plus first locks of hair, the details of the birth including times, dates weight, length etc, or perhaps your child's unique astrological chart.

A baby album or large picture frame with all the images captured where the guests can sign and write messages of love is also a beautiful way to capture the significance of the occasion. 

5. Thank you and momento cards for the guests

Being able to thank the special guests for coming and sending them a card with a picture of your child, or maybe one of them with your child is a beautiful and personal way to say thank you for being part of the celebration.

6. Catering, refreshments and entertainment

Consider the age and stage of your guest list, if your network and family have multiple kids between them, your budget may be well geared to children's entertainment, a table of kiddy easy eat food always goes down a treat with both adults and kids, as do bite-size canapes. Consider how many adults and drivers you will have when you think about alcoholic options too.

For example, City Beach offer a package that includes a children's entertainer, party bags, plus a 3-course meal and four-hour drinks package, so every guest will be very well catered for.

7. Most importantly, find a way to express the significance, appreciation and the love you have for your child, you can write a poem, talk from the heart on the day, or research beautiful readings that illustrate your joy and the celebration of your child's life. Make sure the venue offers a microphone and speaker system if you have a bigger invite list...

Enjoy the special day you create for your child - you will cherish the memories forever! As your child grows up they will be fascinated by the pictures, memorabilia and video's which capture the celebration you created of their precious life...

If you have questions or need a venue for a special celebration - City Beach Wollongong can help you plan your unique event and are incredibly accommodating (and let's not forget those stunning ocean views on offer!). Contact Lucy James, Event Coordinator on (02) 4228 3188 on booking your next event or special occasion at City Beach Function Centre.

You can also READ MORE about City Beach Function Centre HERE.



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