School Holiday Survival Guide! 5 strategies for a happy holiday...

 Jenny Henderson Sat 23 September 17


School holidays... 

Take a breath, we have some great ways to manage sibling fighting, the mega demands, and the adjustment to lack of routine - helping you manage the juggle! Parents Guide Illawarra also has some great ways to offset holiday spending with free, and low cost, fun activity ideas!


1. Quick - draw up a Holiday Reward Chart! Crafty kids can even do this for you... Decide on what daily / weekly or end of holiday treats and rewards will best incentivise the good behaviour and mark up the ticks that lead towards the getting the treat when kind, considerate, helpful behaviour occurs! For Illawarra based holiday activity inspiration to fill up the chart click here...


2. Your kids can get really demanding with you if they don't get to see their friends enough. So arrange longer play dates, child swaps, meet people at the park, early BBQ dinners with friends - all of which are mostly free and meet their growing social needs.


3. Pyjama days! Get out the board games, invite a friend round, get out the hose in the backyard, bake cookies, or have a lego extravaganza day! After the scheduled demands of a long school term, pyjama days can offer the enforced day of chill that helps your kids re-charge...


4. Find a local Holiday Camp / Club with a difference that will really appeal to your child. Parents Guide has a comprehensive list and they include, art workshops, nature workshops, outdoor Ninja training camps, coding clubs, dance and drama and so much more! Plus most school holiday camps offer great excursions days too to the zoo, local trampoline parks etc... Click here for the list...

5. Have a love bomb day! Kids sometimes play up in an effort to demand our attention, so a day of 'love bombing' them where you just clear a whole day, let them choose (within reason!) what you do together and you shower them with affection, kind words and acknowledge their unique strengths and wonderful traits.  Try getting out their old baby photo's / videos and telling them the funny, loving memories you have of them as a baby. Reconnecting with the most important person/people in their life can have a stabilising, calming and positive impact on their behaviour and choices for the rest of the holiday!


For more Illawarra School Holiday What's On - click here!

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