The huge benefits of taking your kids to this Illawarra venue (for you and them!)

 Jenny Henderson Wed 14 June 17


Now, if NASA says something is great, it is probably best to tune in and pay attention.

We are lucky enough to have a venue in the Illawarra which offers what NASA states is:

 “is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.”

Are you curious as to where you should take your kids for joyous bouncy* occasion full of health benefits!?

* We gave you a clue!

It's trampolining!

Here is why a visit to Hangtime Trampoline Park, Wollongong, will see you good:

- Just 10mins of trampolining is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running 
- It improves co-ordination and agility (for adults too but especially in younger age kids 2+)
- It improves muscle tone and cardio vascular fitness
- It's a bonding thing to do with your kids and they will LOVE you getting involved and having fun with them!
- Exercise lets your happy hormones rip and helps ease depression, anxiety and leaves you full of bounce!
During school term time, parents can jump for free at Hangtime with age 2+ kids between 10am - Midday Monday - Friday. School holidays are a perfect occasion to take your kid and let them bounce off the holiday crazies (and even if you don't fancy joining in, the viewing platform and coffee is relaxing and lovely at Hangtime!) 


To discover more about Hangtime, click here!

Happy bouncing, the whole family will reap the benefits! With our thanks to Hangtime for working in partnership with Parents Guide Illawarra and sponsoring this article :)

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