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 Jenny Henderson Tue 7 January 20


Chatting to Obstetricians. It's pretty fascinating, especially as I've had my two (large headed and 4.5kilo - wince!) babies since, and can reflect back on 'how would it have been with this dedicated professional managing my fraught experience of birth.

How do these pros carry the enormous responsibility, and manage the high risk, often tumultuous passage, from successful conception to pregnancy and birth? 

So, in walks a man with a collected, warm air of togetherness. I feel surprisingly comfortable straight away.

The interview begins - and for all you Illawarra / Wollongong based beautiful ladies and couples looking for the right / best fertility and obstetrician for you, this is what shone through for me...

When a compassionate, loving father of three himself, Simon was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Military Dr to serve Australian Military personnel. He has also delivered well over 1000 babies - and in some of the highest risk fetal medicine units in Australia (Canberra and Liverpool).

Dr Simon Winder from Illawarra Women's Specialist Centre, acknowledges that his stint in military medicine and being deployed to Iraq has honed his absolute ability to focus, regardless of the chaos, risk or stress of any given situation. 

With a passion for finding new and innovating information to compliment and constantly improve his work as a Dr, he has a deep passion for education particularly reading. He takes pride in helping empower his patients to make the most informed choices for their care. This includes helping mothers to achieve a VBAC birth if all care and consideration has been taken to ensure its safe for both mother and child. 

His exposure to such a sheer volume of complex, high risk, 'life and death' deliveries and experiences has allowed him to cultivate what he explains as 'absolutely composure under pressure'. He goes onto explain that, when he is with patients, from the initial meeting to the actual birth, he is truly with them  and focused. It is the cool, collected pair of hands during some of the most vulnerable and high risk moments of our life.

Dr Winder is a great supporter of natural vaginal births wherever possible. Dr Winder is open to all options and fully supports natural births and also supports a woman's right to choose a caesarean section should she choose to. He will spend time with a couple to ensure they have the information to make the best choice for their birth. 


Compliment that with Dr Simon Winder's ongoing dedication to furthering his medical expertise. He is an avid researcher, demolishes journal reading, is on his 4th Masters Degree after his Masters in Reproductive Medicine, Masters in Women's Health Medicine, Masters in Strategic Studies, with a current Masters underway in Diagnostic Genetics. 

Simon's passion is definitely genetics and he also has a particular interest in high risk obstetrics and the challenges that it brings. He thrives on providing the best care possible by treating each of his patients as an individual. Simon does not practice 5 minute medicine and likes to spend time getting to know his patients and their needs.  

As if the above isn't enough, Dr Winder also offers complimentary scans for all his patients - which enables his patients to see their babies each appointment. He also is there for every appointment (no midwives), so each patient benefits from his experience, commitment to care and absolute focus.

Simon provides the ultrasound more for peace of mind for his patients but it also aids him in providing great care for his patients. Having an ultrasound machine allows him to see the way the baby is positioned and how the baby is progressing at every appointment. It provides him the additional detail he needs to tailor his care throughout a woman's pregnancy. This is also particularly important for women who've previously lost a baby through stillbirth or miscarriage as they can see their baby at every appointment and feel some reassurance. 

Dr Winder is open for appointments now for Wollongong fertility services, Women's Health and Obstetrics. He spoke of his absolute privilege to work with his patients and the most amazing part of the job? Getting to cuddle the babies after their safe arrival. 

Click here to find out more, or call his lovely team on (02) 4226 6007.

With our thanks to the lovely Dr Simon Winder and the Illawarra Women's Specialist Centre for sharing so openly with Parents Guide Illawarra and for his sponsorship of this article :) 



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