What Illawarra School is right for your child? Why Experience Days are amazing to help you decide!

 Jenny Henderson Wed 21 August 19


AHHH! How do we know what school will be right for our child?

It is a question many Illawarra parents face, and ultimately, if you're in a position to choose a school for your child's unique needs and personality, it can help them springboard confidently into their education and beyond...

Yet, how do we know what the best school is for our child?

Firstly as parents, we can acknowledge that we know our child better anyone else - we are in the best position to both identify and then advocate for their needs. So first things first, do your research, trust your parenting instincts and take time to explore local schooling options.

However, we can also acknowledge that students themselves (yup, our children!) are increasingly becoming involved in the decision-making about their future schooling, and as such, it is beneficial for them to experience the School or College and interact with their peer group.

This is why it can be super helpful when Schools or Colleges offer not just 'Open Days', but 'Experience Days'.

So, here at Parents Guide Illawarra, we chatted to a local college who offer "Experience Days" and to get the low down on why this is such a great strategy in helping both you and your child make the right decision about what school will suit them best... 

"At Cedars Christian College we understand that sometimes words, conversation and even a tour is just not enough to capture the essence of a School. So we invite all potential students to come in and experience a full, regular day at our school and see how they find it. 

We buddy them up during an Experience Day, so they get to experience a typical school day feeling safe and supported.

If your child gets a truly authentic experience of our school, they are empowered to be part of the decision. They will know first hand if it is the right environment for them to enjoy their school days and to flourish and grow. If your child feels invested in the school and empowered to choose, the likelihood is they will blossom in that environment.

Plus, as a parent or student you'll know that an Experience Day cannot be staged in any way as it is regular day for all our team, students and staff!

We get and support that this decision equally involves your child however parents take a tour of our campus too, meeting the Principal and teachers...  

Instead of one ‘Open Day’ a year, we offer Experience Days throughout the school year for students in Years 1 – 11. CLICK HERE to discover more...

As well as helping you both make the right decisions initially, Experience Days can also reduce the anxiety associated with starting a new school as students have already made connections with current students.  

Sharing our Experience Day testimonials helps to validate why they are such a fabulous way to help make the right decision... "

"Cedars was amazing. It was amazing and exciting. I can't wait til I move there and I hope it will be exciting. I absolutely loved my test day and play time. Kind regards, Alex (Yr 3)"

“That was the best day of my life!” – Micaiah (Yr 1)

“Absolutely loved it!” – Wil – (Yr 3)

“Really enjoyed it! Teachers and students were really nice.” (Kearns family)

"Had a great day. Didn't stop talking about it in car!"

"Was very happy. Made some friends. Wants to start her in Term 3. Enrolled"


Thank you to Cedars Christian College for sharing this helpful info with us here at Parents Guide Illawarra and for sponsoring this article. A reminder for all parents to trust your gut and also empower your child to be involved in the decision making too - it will pay off! 

For further info on Cedars - click here :)


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