Why pregnant ladies and mums of the Illawarra can rejoice - this is GREAT news!

 Jenny Henderson Mon 3 July 17


Parents Guide Illawarra has some really positive news for all local women, particularly those who have recently discovered they are pregnant, or any mum who is struggling with the brutal impact of labour and birth (we are trying to be delicate here, but let’s face it, it is rare that women escape unscathed from the impact of labour and birth, whether it’s urinary incontinence or ‘down there’ just not feeling right - or maybe feeling entirely wrong!)


Technological advances to help us women, have arrived in Wollongong, Australia! All thanks to a new, highly experienced, female Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has just set up her Clinic at Wollongong Private Hospital...

Dr Pip Gale is a warm, friendly, compassionate, Australian trained Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has lived in the Illawarra for over ten years. She is a mum of three (yup ladies, as awesome as our local male Obstetricians and Gynaecologists are, you can rest assured that Dr Gale know's what it's like to experience it all!)

As well as caring for women before and during pregnancy and birth and offering longer appointments to dedicate more time to her patients (she is taking bookings now by the way, click here for more info), Dr Gale has invested in licensing some brilliant, non surgical technology across from the States (it’s all safe by the way, it has just been FDA approved) which can help all manner of ladies gynae problems…

She is the first female Gynaecologist in Australia to offer women the ThermiVa. It is a painless treatment to help treat urinary incontinence, tighten loose vaginal skin, including the outer labia and the inner vaginal canal, reducing laxity.

Here is why ThermiVa can be a great treatment for us local ladies with urinary incontinence (leak when they exercise, laugh or sneeze), for women with mild prolapse symptoms (dragging or bulge), for breast feeding women who find intercourse painful and who lack lubrication, for women who feel tone has changed (enlarged, lax vagina) after pregnancy and birth and for post menopausal women who lack lubrication, who find intercourse painful. Or those who are considering cosmetic alterations, so for women who feel physically or maybe mentally uncomfortable about an enlarged labia, dare we say it ‘camel toe’…

ThermiVa helps to restore the look and feel of the vagina (particularly post baby) but also helps with vaginal dryness and issues with libido and orgasmic dysfunction. It works by promoting new collagen and nerve regeneration through radiofrequency, using a small vaginal wand.

OK, we need to prep you, it is not cheap but even just one session can help many women and it is a non surgical, safe, painless and low impact way to treat a number of problems that plague so many women post child birth and during menopause.

Dr Pip Gale will start consulting on 7 August and her books are now open to take appointments. To discuss ThermiVa or to book an appointment for any service listed below, call Hayley (practice manager) on 1300 971 265.

Please like and share this article so women facing issues which are affecting the quality of their life can get in contact to find out more!

When we spoke to Dr Pip, her passion for supporting and helping women was abundantly clear and she is looking forward to caring for the women of Illawarra. Her full services are listed down below (no pun intended!), you’ll just likely need a referral from your doctor… 

- Obstetric Services offered by Dr Gale (caring for women before / during pregnancy and delivery, plus up to 6 weeks after birth)

-preconception counselling and infertility

-early pregnancy care (including miscarriage)

-antenatal care

-intrapartum care (delivery)

-caesarean section

-post natal care

-VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean section)

-ECV (external cephalic version) for breech


Gynaecology Services offered by Dr Pip Gale

-abnormal papsmears (colposcopy)


-menstrual disorders

-IUD (Mirena insertion)



-ovarian cysts


-polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

-premenstrual syndrome

-uterovaginal prolapse

-vaginal surgery

-bladder problems and urinary incontinence

-post menopausal bleeding

- labiaplasty, cosmetic vaginal surgery


Please like and share this article so more Illawarra women can discover and consider ThermiVa as a treatment for the discomfort they deal with! Us women have to deal with so much before, during and after childbirth and we hope the technological advances keep coming to offer us hope and support.

So here is our warm welcome to Dr Pip Gale - we are lucky to have you and thank you for working in partnership with Parents Guide and sponsoring this article :)




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