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Aladdin's Rug Cleaning

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We provide a thorough pre-inspection and free in-house quote and free pick up and delivery! 

We have cleaned thousands of rugs over the 15 years in the industry, and with our know-how and technical ability we can offer you the best of quality and service. In this unregulated industry many fly by night operators come and go, and many of them offer you one reason to choose them and that is a cheap price. 

Aladdin's Rug Cleaning Utilise The Following Methods: 
  • Submersion Cleaning 
  • Dry Solvent Cleaning 
  • Absorbent Compound 
  • Bonnet Cleaning 
  • Dry Foam 
  • Encapsulation Cleaning 
  • Water Extraction (Steam, Cold Or Hot) 
  • Combination Of Methods 

Do You Want The Cleanest Rugs In Wollongong And Bowral? Aladdins Rug Cleaning is the service provider you have been looking for! 

We are a Woolsafe Approved Service Provider, which means our cleaning products used have undergone independent and stringent testing and are found to be safe to use on wool and other fibres and will not cause damage to the fibre or colour and do not promote rapid re-soiling, which means your rug will stay cleaner for longer. I am happy to recommend the significant nature of you cleaning process which I consider far superior to the usual 'in house' carpet cleaning results and I spread the word whenever the opportunity arises. I am surprised at the number of people who are unacquainted with the manner and the availability of such a service as that provided by your business. Word needs to spread. Dealing with a company that remains proud of its work is a rare pleasure these days.

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