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Yoga Playgroup

Location: 29 Byrarong Avenue, , Mangerton, NSW, 2500

Mobile: 0427 963 388
Days Available: Tuesdays 10am-12pm

Yoga Playgroup is your space to be nurtured, connected and supported in this parenting journey. It’s where conscious parents come to connect through play. Connect with yourself, your like-minded community and your little ones xxx Every session is different. We curate thoughtful lesson plans each week and guide you through mindful and playful yoga activities. The yoga we create is communal, interactive and fun!

Some things the big and little people do together. Some things the big people do together without the little ones. Some things we do on our own. Every Yoga Playgroup is different as each facilitator brings their own unique and special experiences and gifts to curate your space, but the special sauce that makes Yoga Playgroup so special is constant: we come together for 2 hours we share a meal together we are deeply inclusive and respectful of both big and little people as whole and perfect we combine asana, pranayama & meditation in a fun, playful and engaging way we facilitate discussion around the big topics like friendship, the environment and values we also make space for small talk you collaborate and co-create the classes we make sure there’s a private group message chat just for your group to connect

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Dr David Greening

Important Numbers

24hr Health Line
1800 022 222

Poisons Information
13 11 26

Parent Line NSW
1300 130 052

13 20 11

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Helpline
1800 882 436

Australian Breastfeeding Ass.
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Tresillian Help Line
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Mental Health Line
1800 011 511 (24 hours, 7 days)

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